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Space Blocks: Innovative platform development for platform developers

Space Blocks: Innovative platform development for platform developers
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Space Blocks: The platform for platform developers

In the age of digitalization, more and more companies are looking for efficient ways to create software solutions. This is where Space Blocks comes in - a revolutionary platform designed specifically for platform developers. The platform goes far beyond the usual offerings, providing an impressive range of configurable building blocks tailored specifically for SaaS applications. With Space Blocks, developers can build cutting-edge SaaS applications not only faster, but also more cost-effectively. Companies can use this solution to stand out from the crowd and launch their applications in record time, meaning days instead of months.

Space Blocks' potential was obvious from the start. But every startup, no matter how innovative, faces challenges. With a dedicated but small team of only four developers, Space Blocks soon faced a lack of resources. This limitation affected their ability to increase the rate of development.

To overcome this hurdle, the team implemented libraries that were already available. This reduced the initial development effort, but led to new problems. A significant amount of effort had to be spent on research and troubleshooting, which in turn tied up resources needed for further development of Space Blocks.

The need for external support was recognized. This is where the successful cooperation with CODE LEAP. With their broad expertise, . CODE LEAP provided a highly qualified software developer. This person was not only able to work autonomously and find solutions, but also acted as a link between the teams to ensure that everyone was on the same page.

The team of specialists from CODE LEAP also helped identify the best technology approaches. With their deep experience in technological research, this led to the integration of Redis and the Mapster library. These implementations significantly increased the efficiency of the code while reducing potential sources of errors.

" The technical expert from CODE LEAP has been a decisive driving force for wemogy. His independent problem solving and modern use of technologies such as Redis and Mapster have significantly improved our product quality and development efficiency. The fast and flexible deployment of the right expert was extremely helpful for us. "
Sebastian Küsters
Sebastian Küsters
wemogy GmbH

The expertise of CODE LEAP accelerated the development process of "Space Blocks" significantly. This enabled the company to bring "Space Blocks" to market faster and benefit from growing demand. Within a few months of integrating the CODE LEAP-developer into the team, two main modules were developed and released. This contributed significantly to the market positioning and success of "Space Blocks".

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