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HeYo: The vending machine finder

HeYo: The vending machine finder
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HeYo, the vending machine finder. From the idea to the webapp

HeYo GmbH has set itself the goal of revolutionizing the confusing vending market and becoming the first port of call for finding and evaluating vending machines. HeYo aggregates data from various online databases and combines them with user-generated information.

The COVID-19 pandemic and accompanying lockdown measures have dramatically increased the demand for shopping options that are independent of store hours. Many local businesses, including bakeries, farms and smaller retailers, have begun using vending machines to offer their goods around the clock.

Not only does this provide a convenient alternative for consumers who want to shop outside normal business hours, but it also allows these businesses to continue generating revenue even when their premises are closed due to restrictions. However, it has been found that it can be challenging for customers to discover new vending machines, as there is as yet no centralized platform where information about their locations and the range of products on offer is available.

At the same time, suppliers are finding it difficult to advertise their vending machines and market their goods effectively. This is particularly true for smaller businesses, whose vending machines are often only frequented by existing customers and therefore have difficulty attracting new customers. The lack of visibility and advertising makes it difficult for these establishments to market their goods more widely and expand their business.

HeYo GmbH needed a reliable partner who could turn the idea into a marketable product. This is where the experts from CODE LEAP went into action. After a thorough target group and product analysis, personas, user flows and wireframes were developed to ensure the right product-market fit.

Based on the created concept, brand and user interface design were created and improved through several iterations. For the technical implementation of the MVP, the company decided CODE LEAP for a PWA (Progressive Web App), which enables fast availability on all platforms.

The open web framework VueJS was used for the technical implementation, while the backend was supported by AWS services to ensure optimal scaling, speed and security.

" With the excellent support of CODE LEAP I was able to transparently track, test and provide immediate feedback at every step of the development. The team of experts from CODE LEAP was always available to us and ensured a smooth communication process from conception to the final product. For further development, I will of course continue to rely on CODE LEAP on. "
Marcel Bopp
Marcel Bopp
Managing Director
HeYo GmbH

The CODE LEAP experts assisted in the development of the brand and created the comprehensive web app for the client so that HeYo can reach the target audience most efficiently. A team of experts is also available to implement other features for HeYo GmbH.

The implementation by the CODE LEAP was not only fast, agile and of high quality, but also cost-efficient. Without outside capital from investors, more than one MVP could be brought to market.

In the HeYo project, the strengths of the CODE LEAP ideally come to the fore: speed, quality and cost efficiency.

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