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What We Stand For

We communicate openly & respectfully
Transparency and open feedback are the cornerstones of our communication. We address challenges openly and find solutions proactively. In doing so, we always treat each other with respect and help each other move forward. We are firmly convinced that this is the only way to create and maintain a good company culture.
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Sustainability means taking responsibility
Our actions always lead to sustainable solutions so that we are a help to our clients in the long term. For us as a team, it is also helpful to make decisions that solve problems in the long term. In doing so, we take responsibility for our decisions.
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We work to learn
For us, learning and growing is part of the job. Every team is as good as its members and there is no upper limit. CODE LEAP encourages and requires its team to keep learning. This includes workshops, e-learning, certifications as well as constant learning in daily working life.
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Our benefits

Flexible place of work
Work from where you want! Modern working environments should be flexible. Whether from your home office or one of our offices in Frankfurt, Berlin or Ho Chi Minh City: You decide!
Super Team
We are an international team from Europe and Vietnam. Our diversity makes us strong. We are always in touch with each other and look forward to meeting new faces!
Additional services
In addition to fair salaries, we offer our employees various additional benefits such as insurance and language courses, as well as Grab accounts in Vietnam and Airbnb for visitors.
Further training
Online courses and training via Udemy and other portals are included for our team. We finance suitable certificates for our team and help with workshops for continuous improvement.

Help us to develop exceptional products

We are always interested in meeting new people who like to develop unusual products.