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Linearity Cloud: Building a Cloud Infrastructure

Linearity Cloud: Building a Cloud Infrastructure
Linearity Ltd.
Creative Industry
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Cloud Architecture, Live Collaboration, File Sharing
Tech Stack
AWS Backend, Web Frontend, iOS SDK
Linearity Cloud

Linearity is an innovative startup founded in Berlin in 2017. With over $35 million in funding, the company specializes in developing groundbreaking design apps. At the heart of Linearity is Vectornator, a powerful vector graphic design app available on iOS and iPadOS and developed specifically for creative professionals. With its intuitive, user-friendly interface, the app makes it quick and easy to create high-quality vector graphics. With a wide range of sophisticated tools and effects, users can create stunning designs with ease.

Developing a new multi-user cloud live collaboration platform from scratch presented Linearity GmbH with significant challenges. The company's previous cloud infrastructure was based on Apple iCloud, which was not sufficient to meet Linearity's feature requirements. In particular, real-time collaboration and user management cannot be implemented in this form with iCloud. The entire architecture therefore had to be redesigned.

Building a new cloud platform from scratch with Amazon Web Services is not a trivial task. Choosing the right AWS services and tools and integrating them into the system requires a deep understanding of the AWS platform and its features. In addition, the cloud system must be able to respond quickly to a large number of users and requests without compromising performance or availability.

The new platform would allow users to collaboratively edit and share documents, enabling creative professionals to meet modern ways of working. In addition, the new collaboration platform would play a critical role in the company's strategy, ensuring growth and expansion.

The solution to these challenges was entrusted to CODE LEAP commissioned. Working closely with the Linearity team, the experts planned a collaboration platform and assembled a team of talented engineers to design the platform from scratch.

The project was divided into two development phases: The design and creation of a POC, and work on implementation for production use. During the first development phase, the team worked CODE LEAP worked intensively to create a basic version of the platform. This required extensive requirements engineering and planning to ensure a strong and durable foundation. In this first phase, the CODE LEAP Team worked on a predefined scope at a fixed price. The team then advanced to the second phase, which involved scaling up the features and preparing them for a broad launch. Here, the team worked integrated with the existing development teams on a times & material contract basis. This allowed high flexibility in scaling the team.

The rapid team deployment of the CODE LEAP enabled Linearity to quickly build a modern cloud infrastructure even before in-house developers were ready. Phase two was also able to respond to changes in requirements: for example, experts in iOS SDK development were added to the existing team. This agility and subsequent integration into the product team are two of the key strengths of CODE LEAP.

" The collaboration with CODE LEAP has enabled us to turn our vision of the multi-user cloud live collaboration platform into reality. Their dedication, technical expertise and ability to work efficiently and expeditiously were instrumental in the success of our project. "
Moritz Poewe
Moritz Poewe
Linearity Ltd.
  • 6 months technical conception and creation of a comprehensive POC
  • 6 months team integration for the development of the productive system
  • Handover to the internal development team and release of the product
  • Cloud storage with collaboration features
  • Web frontend for logging into the Linearity Cloud
  • iOS SDK integration into the existing app

The cooperation with CODE LEAP has proven to be extremely effective. Thanks to the scalability of the team of experts, the goals of the project were quickly realized. A total of 11 people were involved in the project, including a team delivery manager, a product owner, a tech lead, a front-end developer, and various back-end and iOS developers.

Within a year, the new cloud platform went online, enabling Linearity to quickly achieve its business goals. The collaboration with CODE LEAP proved to be very beneficial for Linearity, as the company was able to benefit from the experts' extensive experience. The ability of CODE LEAPto scale quickly and efficiently was invaluable to the project and helped Linearity successfully realize its vision of an innovative multi-user cloud live collaboration platform.

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